Shuffle VI

November 8-9

eSports Initiative is proud to announce the re-opening of registration for Shuffle VI, which will be hel at the Ohio Union in the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom, a 17,389 square foot room and one of the largest ballrooms in Central Ohio. eSports Initiative, with the full support of MLG are happy to present that Shuffle VI will again reward qualifying points for future MLG Smash events. Shuffle VI also presents opportunities for future events in the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

With a larger venue and an improved staffing team, Shuffle VI will be a larger, more competitive, and more exciting event for everyone involved. We continue to improve on running smooth events with an ever increasing production quality. Archie Griffin is outfitted with a main stage, high quality AV tech,and more room for setups. Also being in the Ohio Union, we are conveniently located by many amazing restaurants, and the Union has its own options for food. With two attached parking garages, and nearby street parking, it is easy to find parking near the venue.

eSports Initiative will follow the Apex 2015 Official Rules for Brawl and Melee. Tournament structure will consist of bracket pools followed by a double elimination bracket. For more information regarding specific details, visit our Smashboards post . We have greatly improved the venue; therefore there will not be a cap to the registration. However, if you cannot make it to the in-person event, check us out on the stream! In addition, we will be running a Project M tournament on the side.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @ESI_OSU and follow our Smashboards post to stay updated!

BuckeyeLoL V

Registration ends 2/22/2014

eSports Initiative is proud to announce our fifth League of Legends tournament – BuckeyeLoL 5!

This time, we’re going to be expanding our tournament by adding a new Gold and Under bracket in addition to our standard Open bracket so that more avid League players can join the ranks and fight it out for a chance at winning some glorious prizing.


If you’ve participated in any of our League of Legends tournaments before, the format of both brackets of the tournament will be pretty familiar – group stages followed by a losers bracket to determine the top 8 spots.

Registration for the tournament ends February 22nd, and the live finals and LAN party will be on March 22nd at Royer Activities Center.

For more info, visit our Facebook event page .

ESI and MLG Are Proud to Present: Shuffle V


Last semester, E-Sports Initiative hosted Shuffle IV where over a hundred gamers joined us in the Ohio Union at the Ohio State University to battle it out in various Super Smash Bros. games. The event was wildly successful, and we’re happy to announce our next tournament: Shuffle V, which will take place on February 22-23, in the Royer Student Activities Center on OSU campus throughout Saturday and Sunday.

E-Sports Initiative is proud to announce that we will be working directly with MLG to bring Columbus the biggest Smash event yet! Shuffle V will include 6 tournament brackets: Singles and Doubles for Melee, Brawl, and Project M. The event will be advertised and streamed on, so be sure to check us out there even if you cannot come in person.

Shuffle V will have an upgraded venue compared to its predecessor and will be hosted in the Royer Student Activities Center, which boasts over 8,000 square feet of space for us to comfortably spread out the various Smash tournaments. Pooling our console reserves with MLG allowed us to guarantee stations for players to facilitate a smooth and speedy tournament with as little down time as possible. Multiple stations allow for players to play casual games and practice when not being used for official tournament purposes.

The venue fee for the event will be $15 dollars for the whole weekend, and 100% of the profits from the event will be donated to Nationwide Children’s Hospital (ESI is a nonprofit organization that doesn’t seek to make any money off events). Individual payouts for Melee, Brawl, and Project M will be paid out 100% to contestants in the following format:

1st place: 50% of respective entry fees
2nd place: 25% of respective entry fees
3rd place: 15% of respective entry fees
4th place: 10% of respective entry fees

Rules will follow the Apex 2014 Official Rules for Brawl, Melee, and Project M. Tournament structure will consist of pools followed by a double elimination bracket. For more information regarding specific details, visit our Smashboards post.

Registration will be limited so be sure to sign up as soon as registration goes live. Registration for Shuffle V opens on January 22nd at Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @esi_osu and follow our Smashboards post to stay updated!

Shuffle: OSU's Premiere Smash Tourney


This will be ESI’s fourth major Smash tournament rebranded under the new, more concise name of Shuffle (inspired by SHFFLing in SSBM). In addition to having a large staff for the event, plenty of entrants, and a great venue, ESI also offers a dedicated stream for the event and has purchased 32 CRT TV's. That means if you bring a Wii/Brawl or Gamecube/Melee you can get your venue fee waived (if the setup is used for pool play) . There will be 2 TVs per pool as well as several TVs for freeplay available during the entire tournament. In addition, projector screens will be used so people can keep an eye on the bracket as it is updated. Finally, food and parking (only $5 for all day) is conveniently within and right next to the venue. There is a $5 discount on your venue fee if you bring a Gamecube/Melee and/or Wii/Brawl that is used.

Please visit the smash boards post for further details.

DOTA2 Tournament II

Live finals/LAN: 11/2

Welcome to our second E-Sports Initiative's Dota 2 charity tournament! We are constantly working on making the Dota 2 scene as big and active as possible with great prizes and chances for everyone to play and have fun.

Tournament Format: The tournament will start with online group stage qualifiers which will decide the top eight (8) teams who will play live in a single elimination Best of 3 bracket with a Best of five to decide the finals.

Registration begins September 30th. REGISTRATION IS DUE by 10/13/13. Registration costs $50 per team ($10 per player not including subs). Registration will be done by PayPal or in person at the finals event of our League of Legends tournament on 10/12/13 in the Union Cartoon room, The link will be up for registration ASAP

Teams may register with up to two substitute players (whether or not you want one is a matter decided by your team). The sub is not guaranteed a split of the prize pool -- each team will have to split the prizes according to how they wish. After the first match played, rosters will be locked and no further changes may be made.

We are expecting at least 24 teams participating in pool play, with the top 8 teams participating in the in-person tournament on November 2th. at the Student Union at OSU, using their own computers (bring laptops or desktops).

Group stages will begin the week after registration, October 18th, and will be continued the next 2 weeks every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday thereafter until either the in-person tournament (November 2nd), or the top 8 teams are decided.

The in-person tournament and LAN will be hosted at the Ohio Union in rooms TBA on November 2nd.

The format will be Captains mode and will be run on whatever the current live patch is. Prizes will be distributed at the venue to top four teams upon completion of the tournament.

Teams participating MUST be able to play in person at the Ohio Union on November 2th, 2013 if they wish for a chance to receive prizes.

The prize pot will be 70% of the total collected registration fees. The other 30% will be going to the charities listed below.


1st Place Team: 50% of the pot and 5 spectator passes to MLG Columbus!

2nd Place Team: 25% of the pot

3rd Place Team: 12.5%

4th Place Team: 12.5%

Valve will be sending us a box of things to giveaway, that we won't be sure of the contents of 100% until it arrives. The last box we got had 15 huge character posters, inflatable couriers, t-shirts, TI3 lanyards, etc. So expect that kind of stuff. We will release more info when we get it.

In addition, we'll also be raffling away a Logitech G Series Mouse among many other prizes at our live finals LAN party on November 2th, so be sure to drop by and hang out with us for a chance to take home some awesome stuff!

Any questions/comment/concerns, feel free to post on the Facebook page, email us at, or go to the event page.

Proceeds from the tournament will go towards supporting STEM education as well as Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Click the button below to pay for your registration then fill out the google form.

OSU vs. Michigan: League of Legends


E-Sports Initiative is proud to announce that we in collaboration with BuckeyeLAN are hosting the first OSU vs. Michigan League of Legends event! For our first event, we’re going to familiarize our players with the summoners over at University of Michigan with a more social Captains Draft tournament.

Registration has just begun, and will end next Saturday on October 26th. To register, all you have to do is fill out the google form linked below, and pay the 5$ registration fee by the deadline. Registration will be determined on a first-come-first-serve basis, and we will be capping registration at 80 players (16 teams), though we may choose to extend this cap if enough players are interested. Registration fees may be paid either in-person on October 19th and 26th at the Student Union 2nd floor lounge from 2:00pm – 6:00pm, or through paypal by clicking on the link below. Registration is complete once we have both your signup form and your payment. We will take 20% of the registration fees as operating funds, while the other 80% will go into a prize pot

The format of the tournament will be Two-Stage Round Robin Captains Draft. This means that all players will be sorted in descending order of LolKing score as of the deadline (Oct 26th), and the top 16 players will be designated as team captains. These captains will then take turns from the lowest score upwards, drafting players from the master list until all teams have 5 members. The captains will have access to your LoLKing score, your names, and your preferred roles, and will use this information to determine who they wish to draft onto their team.

The 16 teams from each school will then be put into a two-stage round robin bracket versus teams from both Ohio State and University of Michigan, where each team will play 3 games a week for 2 weeks to earn points to determine the top 4 teams from each school. These top 4 will then play the top 4 teams from the opposing school in a live showdown in the Cartoon Room of the Union on November 16th.

1st Place Team: $100 RP + 5 Triumphant Ryze + 50% Pot
2nd Place Team: $75 RP + 30% Pot
3rd Place Team: $50 RP + 20% Pot
4th Place Team: $25 RP

If you’re looking for something purely competitive, this event may not scratch that competitive itch you have but worry not, we definitely have more competitive events planned for the future.

To sign up fill out this Google Form (Make sure you use the same email as your paypal if you use it). Next, click on the paypal button below to pay.

Extralife Fundraising Event


E-Sports Initiative in collaboration with BuckeyeThon, BuckeyeLAN, and The Gamer's Advocate is hosting a Charity Gaming Marathon for Extra Life on November 2nd at the Student Union. We will have rooms set up for the top 100 donators to come have fun playing games, participating in giveaways, and raising money for a good cause.

We are also extremely happy to announce that we will be raffling off a PS4 console to all donators, whether you come out to the event or not!

For every 10$ you donate to our cause, you will receive one raffle ticket towards the PS4. All money raised goes to Nationwide Children's Hospital.

To find more information on our cause and how to enter, click here!


Finals Viewing Party Conclusion Conclusion

Author: Amar Karamali

On October 4th 2013, E-Sports Initiative held its second annual viewing party for the League of Legends World Finals. This year we held our event in Royer Activity Center on the North Campus of OSU. After advertising the event through various forms of social media weeks before hand, we weren’t exactly sure what our attendance was going to look like. Considering the amounts of incoming freshmen that we met who were actively playing the game, we thought that there was a chance of there being large numbers.
Our assumption was blown out of the water.


We had an official attendance of around 120+ people that all came out to watch E-Sports and support their favorite team, Korea’s SK Telecom T1 or China’s Royal Club. The crowd favorite was clearly SK Telecom T1. The audience was separated into halves based on whom they were rooting for, and fans cheered loudly and enthusiastically the whole time. By the time the first game had started, there were no more empty seats in the house, and more chairs were being dug out of nearby classrooms to expand our seating arrangement.

We had the stream set up on Royer’s projector, with theater style seating and an immersive sound system; The crowd was amazed by the enthralling opening ceremony featuring Crystal Method (the composers of Lucian’s login music) and also Wes Boreland (guitarist of Limp Bizkit).

Throughout the event, we did a multitude of giveaways. Time was passed handing out League of Legends swag to the audience through trivia and champion impression competitions, along with pure chance. A fully stocked refrigerator of NOS Active and stacks of Logitech G Series sticker and buttons were handed out along with a full support package from Riot Games, which included World Championship jackets, T-shirts, tank tops, lanyards, wristbands. We had even more gear leftover from previous events including Soraka bananas and Teemo hats. The lanyards and wristbands were given out by event staff that would walk throughout the crowd and ask questions, and the first people to answer correctly would receive the prize. For the other larger prizes, we had more intricate ways of giving them away. Attendees signed into the event at the entrance so that we had numbers assigned to them for giveaway purposes. Before each game, we’d pick two numbers. The first number would choose the team that they thought would win, and the other number would get the other team. The person with the winning team would win a prize. Another contest we did was to draw 10 numbers, have the corresponding attendees choose which player they thought would get First Blood in the following match, and give a prize to the person who chose correctly. Faker, Uzi and Piglet were all contested picks throughout the series. Another way that we gave out a prize was to see which attendee could do the best Heimerdinger walk, which was hilarious between matches.

After being at this live viewing event, I never want to watch competitive League of Legends alone again. The energy in the room was absurd; it would rival viewings of most other sports. I will never forget the electricity that pulsed through the room whenever the first turret was taken down by Royal Club. Whenever SKT’s Faker nailed the first kill of the series, people went berserk. League of Legends eSports is growing at an exponential rate that is unrivaled by any other E-Sports scene in today’s day and age. This event was highly successful and we hope to do many events like it in the future. We had spectators from Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati and even local high schools.


Special thanks to NOS Active and Logitech G series for being ongoing sponsors, and extra special thanks to Riot Games for providing the support package to make the event even more exciting. Most importantly, thanks to the 120+ spectators that came out and enjoyed watching the finals in a large group.

ESI Fall 2013 Starcraft 2 Tournament Conclusion

Author: Amar Karamali

After the success of the first Starcraft 2 tournament, bringing in big names such as ROOTFitzy and Millenium’s goswser, ESI held its second Starcraft 2 tournament on September 14, 2013. The event took place in the colorful Cartoon Room of the Ohio Union, and was quickly transformed from a meeting room into a fully functional LAN station complete with a tournament stream on one projector and a Dreamhack: Bucharest stream on the other.


Twenty players showed up with all their gear in order to compete for the first place prize, a Logitech G500 mouse and the choice between the Logitech G35 headset and G510 Keyboard. The event brought in a wide range of contestants, from Bronze league all the way up to the top Grandmaster league. [EtnD] Baldwin was able to make it out to the event, making the competitors nervous as they realized they had the chance to match up against one of the top 200 players in the United States. Previous grandmaster [SCA] Schnitzel was also in attendance, making the competition fierce.

As the event went on, Logitech water bottles and peripherals were raffled off as players enjoyed competitive games, NOS Active energy drinks, and freshly made popcorn. An unmentioned 2v2 tournament popped up, with Genesis and MaFfGeeK taking the first place prize of two Logitech water bottles.


The favored Baldwin made it to the finals of the winner’s bracket within the first couple hours, and watched as players attempted to battle through the losers bracket for a shot at the finals. Ohio State’s CSL team’s captain Isaac was able to claw his way out, beating the person who put him there in the first place. Isaac and Baldwin battled it out in the finals, starting their first best of three as everyone took a seat in the viewing area to watch. Casters [OptM] Kipi and [RaatZ]NoEscape, ESI’s Jacob Kipi and Amar Karamali respectively, provided commentary on the official ESI stream for local and online viewers as Isaac and Baldwin battled it out.

The first best of three went to Isaac, impressing the audience with his insane micro against Baldwin. With both players pushing 300 actions per minute, ling baneling vs. ling baneling fights were exhilarating to watch. Isaac was able to win the first best of three, putting Baldwin on tilt as he entered the second best of three. Baldwin’s famous 9 pool opening was copied by Isaac, leading both players to do the same build and rely on mechanics and skill to pull out the win. Eventually Baldwin came out on top, beating Isaac in the last game possible 2-1. In the post-game interview, Baldwin expressed his excitement for his new Logitech G35 headset and provided insight onto his thought process for the finals.


Overall the tournament was a huge success and ESI was able to raise about 500 dollars in funds to be put towards its various charitable causes. We want to thank our sponsors, Logitech G series, and NOS Active for helping to bring this event to fruition. Their sponsorship also enhanced the total experience of the event for our attendees. We look forward to the next Starcraft event with excitement, and plan on continuing to improve size and quality of our events.

League of Legends Finals Viewing Party

10/4/2013 - 10:00PM; Royer Activity Center on OSU campus

Join ESI to watch the League of Legends finals! There will be food and giveaways! Visit the Facebook event page here for more info!


BuckeyeLoL 4

Held: Ongoing

We at E-Sports Initiative are proud to announce our fourth League of Legends Tournament: BuckeyeLoL 4! Registration begins August 21st, and ends September 14th; you can find the facebook page for the registration here. There will be more details there about rules and registration on that page.

If you were at our last LoL tournament you will see that we will be using a similar tournament format: we will be hosting online group stages to establish the top 6 teams that will go straight to the finals, while the remaining teams must fight their way up the losers bracket for the last 2 spots, leading to a live showdown for the top 8 teams at the Student Union on October 12th, where we will also be hosting a LAN party for all would like to attend, whether their game of choice is League of Legends or not.

Whether you are interested in competitive play or not, we encourage you to come hang out at our LAN to have fun and chances to win something from the many swag giveaways we will be doing throughout the day - courtesy of Riot Games.

Group stages will begin 9/12/13 and the in-person finals/LAN will be on 10/12/13, so clear your calendars!

The registration event page can be found here.

If you would like to register your team online, click on the paypal link below and then fill out the google doc under it:

Click here to finish registering your team!

ESI Autumn 2013 Starcraft 2 Tournament

Held: September 30th, 2013

E-Sports Initiative will be hosting a StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Tournament on Saturday, September 14th, at the Ohio Union inside the Cartoon Room. An online registration will be available soon and will run until Friday, September 13th at 6pm EST for $12. After this time you must show up in person between 9am and 11am on September 14th in the Cartoon Room and the fee will be $15. Spectators will be allowed in for a fee of $5. You can read the rules here

Halo 4 Charity Tournament

Held: January 26, 2013

E-Sports Initiative hosted its very first Halo 4 event in the Great Hall Meeting Room of the Ohio Union. There was tough competition and free food and drink for everyone involved. Attendees received more than $500 of sponsored funds through giveaways and as prizes. The proceeds of the tournament went to Child’s Play in order to help their efforts in improving the lives of children in over 70 hospitals worldwide.


ESI Spring 2013 Starcraft 2 Tournament

Held: Marth 30th, 2013

On March 30th, 2013, E-Sports Initiative hosted its first StarCraft 2 tournament with about 50 participating players along with another 50 spectators who came to support ESI and StarCraft 2. Sponsors such as Razer, Major League Gaming (MLG), and iBuyPower also believed in our ability to create a high profile event and provided prizes which included a keyboard, headset, mouse, and a very high quality personal computer.

Due to the success of this tournament, E-Sports Initiative will definitely hold another StarCraft 2 Tournament during the Autumn Semester of 2013.


League of Buckeye Legends III Finals and LAN

Held: October 27th, 2012

After long month of online group stages, the top 8 teams were brought in to Royer Hall for the live in-person finals for ESI’s third League of Legends Tournament. In addition to the tournament finals, we also hosted a large LAN party in the room next door, welcoming all gamers to join us for a day of fun, games, and food. Throughout the day, over 150 gamers joined us either to game with us or watch their friends in the tournament. Games played in the LAN included League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Super Smash Brothers, and more.


We also held free raffle drawings a few times an hour to giveaway an assortment of goodies to attendees, courtesy of Gamestop, Valve, Gunnar Optiks, and Riot Games. In an unprecedented move, Riot Games gave us an almost excessive bounty of swag to give away to lucky attendees: 60 Soraka Bananas, 30 Teemo Hats, and 3 Blitzcrank Hoodies!

Dota 2 Social

Held: November 17th, 2012

To probe for interest, we hosted a Dota 2 social event for all enthusiasts and were pleasantly surprised when we were joined by more than 30 gamers! The night went by fast while we enjoyed ourselves in dota and many new friends were made. We were also able to have many giveaways, with everything culminating in a giveaway of a life-sized Portal Gun, courtesy of Valve.


League of Buckeye Legends II Finals

Held: October 27th, 2012

After a grueling series of online matches, the 40 teams registered into the tournament were cut down into a remaining 8 through a succession of round robin matches. On the day of the live event, the finalists that made it through the group stages met up in the Student Union to duke it out for first place in ESI’s second League of Legends Tournament. Many great matches were played throughout the day, having been streamed to a big screen for friends and fans in a viewing room. As per usual, attendees at the live event took part in a free raffle giveaway for a variety of Riot swag, including but not limited to Soraka Bananas and Teemo Hats.


However, at the end of the day, only one team can claim the title of champion. We would like to congratulate the team Kony 2012 for managing to do just that, having unexpectedly turned the tables on all odds and won all matches the finals despite being one of the lower seeds. They have each walked away with an extra 20$ in RP in their in-game pockets, in addition to the shiny exclusive skin only available to winners of tournaments – Triumphant Ryze.

OSI Charity Gaming III

Held: October 22nd, 2012

The third and final event from OSI, before transforming into ESI, was held on October 22, 2011. This event was focused on Brawl and Melee with a side event for Smash 64. With over 68 unique entrants between the three games and six brackets, OSI raised over $800 for charitable causes. The three most impressive stats were the 33 entrants from Brawl singles, 30 from Melee singles, and an impressive 16 entrants for Smash 64 doubles, a game which at the time was 12 years old. This momentum carried OSI through its transition into ESI, which consisted of hosting many variations of events and tournaments in order to raise charitable funds for noble causes.


League of Legends Season 2 Finals Viewing Party

Held: October 13th, 2012

To celebrate the end of Season 2 of League of Legends we hosted a viewing party for the Season 2 Championship Finals in the Great Hall Meeting Room of the Student Union. Rallying a crowd of more than 90 people, we gathered in anticipation as the final two teams Taipei Assassins and Azubu Frost battled it out for the million dollar grand prize. After many long games and hours of cheering on our parts, it was the Taipei Assassins that proved they were the stronger team and would be crowned the champions of season 2.


Thanks to event support from the creators of League of Legends – Riot Games, we were pleased to be able to give away a ton of swag including Gangplank Oranges, League of Legends Lanyards, Teemo Hats, a Tibbers pillow, and a Baron Pillow, and more! During the night, many people passing by grew interested in our cheering, and a large group who had never played the game before joined us and began cheering with us too!

OSI Charity Gaming II

Held: May 21st, 2011

After OSI’s first event, planning began for the 2nd iteration of the series, expanding to the Nintendo 64 version, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as well as the original Melee tournament. This tournament raised $435 and total attendance was estimated at around 50, with 37 entrants in singles and 10 teams between the Brawl and Melee events. There were also 8 entrants for the nostalgic Super Smash Bros. 64 tournament.


OSI Charity Gaming I

Held: April 23rd, 2011

Before E-Sports Initiative, there was the Ohio Smash Initiative. OSI held its first official event, a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, on April 23, 2011 in Great Hall Meeting Rooms 1 & 2. There were more than 80 total attendees, with 48 participating in the singles bracket, and there were 10 teams for doubles. The amount raised for OSI’s first event totaled to a fantastic $666. Not only was this a great foundation to build off of for the organization, but it was also the 4th largest melee tournament in the nation for 2011.